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Residential Appraisers Inc. By Alexis Riveron is a highly regarded appraisal company based in Miami Springs, FL, dedicated to providing professional and reliable appraisal services. We specialize in a wide range of appraisal needs, offering expertise and exceptional service to clients in various circumstances. 

Residential Appraisers Inc. Services

Bankruptcy Appraisals

When facing bankruptcy, accuracy is crucial when estimating your home's value. Our experienced team understands the complexities involved in assessing property value under these circumstances. We work diligently to provide you with the best possible experience and accurate appraisal reports for your attorney and bankruptcy proceedings.

FSBO Pre-Listing, Pre-Purchase

For those selling their homes by owner (FSBO), a pre-listing appraisal is essential. We help determine a true list price for your property, maximizing your chances of selling quickly and for top dollar. Additionally, we offer guidance on cost-effective improvements that can add value to your home

PMI Removal Appraisals

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) can be eliminated if your home has enough equity to cover potential losses by the lender. We specialize in helping homeowners remove unnecessary PMI insurance. Our state-certified appraisers provide the primary proof required by lenders to eliminate PMI, saving you money in the long run.

Financial Planning & Trusts

Residential Appraisers Inc. By Alexis Riveron is a trusted provider of appraisals for estate and financial planners. With a keen awareness of the detail, skill, and attention necessary for these assignments, we ensure complete discretion and sensitivity to the needs and privacy of those involved.

Attorney Appraisals

In divorce proceedings, Alexis Riveron brings a wealth of expertise in handling cases alongside renowned local Family Law Firms. Residential Appraisers, Inc. is trusted by numerous Family Law Firms, Accountants, and Mediation Advisors for our comprehensive valuation services, particularly when assessing the value of real estate assets during divorce proceedings or any other disputes requiring an accurate appraisal.

Waterfront & Acreage Properties

As a coastal community, we have extensive experience appraising waterfront properties. We take a specialized approach to determine the most accurate value for these properties, whether they are located along waterways, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Atlantic Ocean.

Bail Bond Appraisals

Residential Appraisers Inc. By Alexis Riveron understands the urgency involved in posting bail and getting your loved ones home as soon as possible. We provide fast and reliable appraisals to determine collateral for bail or immigration bonds while your loved one is in jail or custody.

Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sales

Our quality appraisals cater to the needs of homeowners in default, mortgage banks, mortgage servicing clients, and more. We provide detailed opinions of fair market value and quick sale forecasts, considering your specific timeline and requirements.

Immigration Appraisals

We understand the importance of efficiency in the appraisal process. Residential Appraisers Inc. is committed to delivering timely reports without compromising the quality of our work.

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16 Years of Professionalism and Success as Certified Real Estate Appraisers

Over the course of 16 years, we have cultivated a reputation for professionalism and achieved remarkable success as certified real estate appraisers. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and extensive experience have allowed us to provide top-notch services in property valuation.

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